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An ancient Japanese art form.

I am so glad you decided to visit my site and learn more about me and all of the work I have done. I am a curious student with many passions. However, what I love most in life is learning about new cultures. Having grown up in Japan, I took every experience that I had to immerse myself in the local culture.  Ikebana is an ancient art form of flower arrangement. In this art, the placement of each flower is significant and has meaning behind it.

Cultural Activities: About Me


Every year, 50 or so students are selected out of 3000 to become Fukumusume, which roughly translates to "lucky maiden".

As a fukumusume, one is required to participate in the symbolic procedures in shintoism like the throwing of beans to the visitors. The significance of this festival lies in the handing out of the branches of bamboo, and tying charms and trinkets, all bringing good luck for a prosperous business year ahead. Gaining insight into this side of the Japanese culture that not many people get to experience will remain a highlight of my time here.

Cultural Activities: About Me


Through Tea ceremony, I have found a way to destress myself. Whether it is a busy week at school, or a personal issue, I can count on Tea ceremony for lifting my spirits and calming me down. When performing, you feel so connected, that everything else seems irrelevant. On top of that, every procedure is different. As the seasons change, so do the procedures thus, Tea ceremony constantly feels fresh and exciting.

Cultural Activities: About Me


Performances to showcase our culture.

Diwali Dance performances are a chance for the Indian community to come together to celebrate the festival of lights. We explore old traditional dance forms as well as my personal favorite - Bollywood!

Please take a few minutes to look at our 2019 Bhangra performance:

Cultural Activities: About Me
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